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Delivering Exam Success at GCSE...Online!

What is Excel iLearn?

Online Lesson

One-to-one online lesson for each topic – via live video link with a feedback element

Exam Training

A set of Exam Standard questions to answer after each topic and tailor-made problem sheets for each child's specific needs

Learning Materials

Videos and PowerPoints to reinforce understanding. Delivered online, in the convenience of your home

Personal Support

Work marked and Feedback provided by qualified teachers. Boosting confidence and empowering your child to thrive and achieve higher examination grades
Excel iLearn is a new academic online learning platform which empowers your child to achieve top exam grades in the following GCSE subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Maths to start soon).

This new and innovative programme is being initiated by Excel in Key Subjects – a leading provider of quality tuition in London and the South East of England. With over 16 years of successfully delivering Improved Examination Grades at GCSE and A-level to teenagers, our track record speaks for itself. At Excel in Key Subject centres, we have taken the essence of our knowledge, approach and experience to develop a series of online resources in core academic subjects, with the ultimate goal of enabling even more young people to achieve top grades and fulfil their potential.

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for 4 Monthly Instalments or £576 Full Fee
  • Access to online course materials to deliver a course tailor-made for your child's specification
  • Assessment materials are sent to the student fully marked with personal feedback
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology (triple or double science) available
*prices for only one subject, multiple can vary
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for 4 Monthly Instalments or £948 Full Fee
  • Bronze plus, key initial evaluation recommendations after an initial analysis of your child's application 
  • Online live video teaching for introduction and content of each Topic
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology (triple or double science) available
for 4 Monthly Instalments or £1499.88 Full Fee
  • Bronze and Silver plus, exclusive seminars (one-to-one teaching) with your own private tutor for that specific subject
  • It starts from four seminars in an academic year for each subject and ability to have telephone consultations with the same tutor on school homeworks and marked exam scripts 
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology (triple or double science) available

Full Support to Build Confidence and Succeed in Exams

A tailor-made programme – personalised for each student and focused on what your child needs to know for their exam board. Courses are delivered online through one-to-one teaching by a video link, access to PowerPoint Presentations, videos and a series of tests, all in the convenience of your home.

Exceptional Teachers/Tutors

Courses are taught by qualified and experienced teachers/tutors, who are dedicated to deliver inspiring content to empower students and make a real difference to their exam grades. Students will benefit from interactive online teaching, one-to-one with teachers and end of course mock exam, with feedback provided. The vast majority of our educators are fully qualified teachers – with several years as classroom practitioners. In addition to the professional teachers who are well versed and who act as course leaders, we also have graduates and undergraduate students, who are of the highest calibre. These scholars are recruited because they are the crème de la crème in their subjects. The scholar teacher/tutors are not only selected from those who have achieved A or A* at A-level in their subjects, but who are also excellent communicators.

Enhance Your Results

Our support helps you in making decisions on what to do in order to help your child succeed and get the most out of the education system – preparing them for adulthood. High exam grades are just the start; having knowledge of key facts at critical stages of your child’s education can make a huge difference to his or her future. We take pride in the success we have achieved for the families we have supported over the last sixteen years.
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